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Services offered by Biblio RPL LtéeIn addition to all our products, we offer library services to our clients.

Booktruck renting

Biblio RPL Ltée has a booktruck renting service to help you in your projects.

For all your projects requiring to move documents, such as library expansion, relocation or reorganization, a booktruck is an indispensable tool.

Your current booktrucks are not enough to complete the task on time?

Contact us to get a quote to rent additional booktrucks. Rental fees will be assessed based on the amount of booktrucks required and on the rental period.


Used shelving pick-up

Biblio RPL Ltée will pick-up your used shelving!

You have shelves that you don't need anymore? Contact us and we will be happy to pick them up.

Used shelving for sale

Contact us for more details!


Document Processing

Following your guideline, we will process your documents as follow:

  • printing and placement of a call number label protected by a label protector
  • printing and placement of a barcode label
  • adding your library identification stamp or label
  • adding a detection strip or a detection tag
  • adding book hinges to strengthen the book
  • adding a date due pocket
  • placement of other labels such as colour-coding labels
  • adding a book cover or laminate
  • etc.

We can also convert your documents to RFID technology.

Barcode for publication

Biblio RPL Ltée can create a customized ISBN, ISSN or CUP barcode for your publication.

Send us your ISBN, ISSN or CUP number and we will propose to you some models.


Standard format for a ISBN and ISSN barcodes is as follow:

  1. ISBN or ISSN number
  2. Human readable text (optional)
  3. Supplementary digits (optional) 2 to 5 digits for:
    • version number (01 to 12 for monthly publications or 01 to 52 for weekly publications)
    • for comics: volume number followed by cover variant number and by printing number (ex: 00111)
    • currency code followed by 4 digits publication price (ex: 63899 for a 38,99$ publication in Canadian dollars)
ISBN Barcode

CUP Barcode

A CUP-A barcode is made only from you CUP number.

UPC Barcode

Special Projects

You have big projects for your library? You are currently in the middle of a project and you have doubts or queries and are in need of professional advice so that your project can be successful?

Contact Biblio RPL Ltée and we will help you on matters such as:

  • affixing call numbers (L.C. or Dewey), affixing detection strips or tags, affixing identification labels and barcodes
  • relocation of collections and/or shelves
  • sorting documents on shelves
  • weeding and inventory
  • etc.