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Félix Dolci, Canadian gymnast

Biblio RPL is proud to sponsor this young Canadian athlete who is an excellent role model for young people. He encourages them to participate in sports and shows them that it is possible to do so without neglecting school. To help him achieve his dreams while inspiring the next student generation, we will give him a percentage on our sales.

Who is Félix Dolci?

Félix Dolci was born on May 5th 2002 in St-Eustache. From a very young age, he practices sports like hockey and soccer... but no sport can exhaust his energy. He then discovered gymnastics, following the suggestion of his mother. Félix practices gymnastics, his passion, since the age of 6. Gymnastics Club Laval Excellence is where he started and where he always trains since.

Félix participated in his first competition in 2009. Since then, he has earned an impressive awards collection... more than 200 medals, several trophies as well as several honours and sports merits.

He studies at Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry High School in Saint-Léonard, Montréal and he is part of their Sports Excellence program. Félix finishes school around noon and then goes to the gym. He trains a total of 30 hours a week. He is presently member of the National Gymnastics Team, where he is constantly looking for excellence.

Participating in the next Olympic Summer Games in 2020 in Japan is his goal. Félix will be 18, just two months before the game, which is the minimum age required to participate in the men's gymnastics event.

Félix Dolci

Upcoming and ongoing competitions

University of Calgary International Cup, March 14th to March 17th 2020

This is Félix first Seniors competition. If he is amongst the top 4, he will qualify for the 2020 Pan-Am Games in May. If he has a place on the podium at the Pan-Am Games, Félix will represent Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games!

Félix Dolci

Past competitions

1st place2019 Artistic Gymnastics Canadian Championships, from May 21st to May 26th

  • Rings: 2nd place
  • High-bar: 1st place
  • Parallel Bars: 1st place
  • Pommel Horse: 4th place
  • Vault: 1st place
  • Floor: 1st place
  • Quebec Team: 1st place
  • All-around: 1st place

1st placeCanada Games in Red Deer, Alberta, from February 15th to March 3rd 2019

Félix wrote history in Canada Games by being the athlete who won the most medals in a year in Winter Games.

  • Rings: 2nd place
  • High-bar: 1st place
  • Pommel horse: 8th place
  • Vault: 1st place
  • Floor: 1st place
  • Quebec Team: 2nd place
  • All-around: 1st place
Medals at Canada Games 2019

9th placeBuenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, from October 6th to October 18th

In this competition, Félix won a silver medal at the Rings. He is the first Canadian to win a medal in gymnastics in the Youth Olympic Games.

  • Rings: 2nd place
  • High bar: 8th place
  • Floor: 3rd place
  • Pommel horse: 7th place
  • All-around: 9th place

You find highlights of Felix's performance on his Facebook page :

Silver Medal

3rd place2018 Junior Pan American Championships, from June 9th to June 17th

In this competition, the 42 participating athletes were eligible to compete in the finals of 3 out of 6 events. Félix participated in the floor, rings and high bar finals. He suffered a knee injury during qualifications and despite that, he scored very well. He won a total of 5 medals on a possibility of 5.

  • Floor: 3rd place
  • High bar: 3rd place
  • Rings: 1st place
  • Canadian Team: 3rd place
  • All-Around: 3rd place

1st placeCanadian Championships in Waterloo, Ontario, from May 22nd to May 27th, 2018

  • Floor: 3rd place
  • High Bar: 2nd place
  • Parallel Bars: 3rd place
  • Physical Testing: 1st place
  • Pommel Horse: 4th place
  • Rings: 3rd place
  • Vault: 1st place
  • All-Around: 1st place


A few words from Félix Dolci regarding his sponsorship by Biblio RPL.

Le gymnaste Félix Dolci présente son entraîneur. (Félix Dolci, gymnast, introduces his trainer.)

Félix Dolci - IONIK 2016

Félix Dolci - Motivation Gymnastics 2017

Félix Dolci - Gymnastique 2015